Swartz Creek Families and Community Members,

This morning, students in Swartz Creek are waking up with the knowledge that their schools and community are about to be improved and made much safer. I wanted to take a brief moment and say thank you to each and every one of you for supporting our school district in different ways. I believe that Swartz Creek can become the premier place to raise a family and come to school in all of Genesee County. We just took a huge step in that direction yesterday with the passage of this bond.

Now, we get to work and honor you by keeping our promises. You will see communication from us in the coming months as we prepare to start these very important projects and we will be spending the money exactly as we stated we would. Our intent is to start construction as early as this spring and we will be starting today with all of the preparation and planning necessary to keep us on track. We will use this opportunity that you have given us to be good stewards of these funds and make this place the school district that we can all be proud of!

Thank you again for your support yesterday. I could not be happier or more thankful to serve in such a supportive and hopeful community. Bright days are on the horizon for the children in Swartz Creek!

Have an excellent day!

Ben Mainka, Superintendent
Swartz Creek Community Schools