Exciting update on the Swartz Creek Schools athletic field. 

  • Demolition will begin in March at the Swartz Creek Community Schools athletic field.
  • A mostly-new stadium is still on the docket to open for the fall 2020 athletic season.
  • The home stands, which will become the visitor stands, will be partially demolished.
  • The middle section, which is built over a concrete block structure, will remain but the sections on either end will be removed to make room for some field event stations like long jump, pole vault, shot put and discus. 
  • Work crews are expected to begin digging up the field in mid-April.
  • New bleachers for the home stands are being fabricated at this time.
  • The Athletic Department staff has planned accordingly and arranged for spring sports practices and meets to take place off-site.
  • When the new stadium debuts next school year, there will be a new, synthetic turf field and full, eight-lane track.

Security upgrades are moving along at the elementary schools.

Morrish is very close to having the additions wrapped up. They'll be moving into their new offices before the (school) year is over. The stonework is up, and new windows are being put in this week or next. We’ve been very fortunate to have a warmer winter, so contractors can feasibly work outdoors.

Most or all of the work at Morrish, Elms Road and Dieck Elementary schools will be completed by fall. Syring Elementary will be close to completion by the time the 2020-21 school year begins. Work also is underway at Gaines Elementary.

Site work packages for the rest of the buildings will go out next month, and Mainka expects to break ground on renovations at the Middle School and High School in the fall.

The projects are going very well. The bids are coming in at or slightly above budget, and we’re actually under budget overall on all projects.

  • All contractors are ready to start and materials ordered ready to go.

  • Likely Elms and Morrish will be first to go due to permit status.

  •  HQ Construction Trailer being installed on-site near maintenance building this week.

  • We continue to purchase technology as needed to make sure our kids all have access to technology during the school day.

  • Questions have been asked about original binder (facility study). This is a published study to look at the condition of our facilities as of the summer of 2017. This study was extensive and gave us a deep account of what needed to be addressed and what was less of a priority. At the time, part of the study was to identify ballpark pricing from contractors on what the jobs may cost if the district decided to move forward. The purpose of the facility study was not primarily financial as prices change rapidly in the construction world, especially 2.5 years later. However, the facility study was very valuable to understanding the condition of our roofs, sites, and structures and how we can best upgrade/invest in enhancing our site for our community

  • We were supposed to have started construction already, but the county has held the project up due to soil and erosion. We expect this to be resolved very quickly, but this is what is the only thing holding us up at this point. Once this is done, the contractors are as eager as we are to get the work started. Here is an explanation from our architect as to why the delay occurred. “Unfortunately, Genesee County Waste and Water is holding these projects up at the current time due to soil and erosion. Typically there is an exemption for projects that “disturb” less than an acre of earth – we expected that deferred submittal would be acceptable. This is directly from the State’s website:

  • Part 91, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control, of the Natural Resources and Environment Protection Act (NREPA) (PART 91) provided for the control of soil erosion and protects adjacent properties and the waters of the state from sedimentation. A permit is generally required for any earth change activity which disturbs one or more acres of land or which is within 500 feet of a lake or stream

    We planned to submit complete and compliant drawings for the sitework portion of the work. The county is requiring us to submit a complete package for the minute amount of earthwork now, and submit again for the actual sitework later. Most of the requirements in their “Site Plan Standards” do not apply to the project of this scale and limited scope, not to mention 99% of the sites are existing. This issue is top priority, we are completing the required drawings now and will submit immediately to resolve this issue”

We are excited about the new S.T.E.A.M. addition to the Swartz Creek Middle School. The new addition space will enable our students to explore areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  More information will be coming soon!

 The Swartz Creek Board of Education approved the Bid Package #2 on August 21st for the following projects:

  • Middle School Fire Alarm System-Cost of $108,950.

  • Morrish Elementary Renovations and Secure Office/Entry Addition Project-Cost of $1,706,461.

  • Syring Elementary Renovations and Secure Office/Entry Addition Project-Cost of $1,664,428.

  • Dieck Elementary Renovations and Secure Office/Entry Addition Project-Cost of 1,753,386.

  • Elms Elementary Renovations and Secure Office/Entry Addition Project-Cost of $1,717,102.

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